Let's review the operation

Managing a successful business is a complex process involving lots of people, systems, procedures and policies. Some, like sales or accounting, are encountered every day, while others, like a comprehensive disaster plan or employee handbook, are thought of maybe once a year or less. 

     Over the last 30 years, I along with several others who provided valuable input, devised a comprehensive checklist that we call the Business Review. A number of critical questions are listed for six key areas of the company; Management, Finance, Sales, Operations, Warehouse, and Risk Management. It started out as a word document, morphed into an Excel template, then into a work of art thanks to the efforts of Allen Hopson, at the time CEO of Weathers Brothers Moving in North Carolina..  

     There is room for up to twelve members of the leadership team to provide input, which are then consolidated into an overall company score. Some of the participants may not know the correct answer to a particular question and they can either call the person who would know the answer or leave it blank for the CEO to answer. My suggestion is to do the former because it is a good learning experience regarding what is happening, or should be happening, in all of the various areas. 

     Once all the results are in, it is fairly common to have someone give a 1 answer (not good) and another person give a 4 answer (excellent) and this is a great opportunity for the leadership team to sit down and discuss the answers and determine why there is such a variation in scores. Both cannot be right. 

     This review will score each of the six areas in the company and indicate where there could be some improvement. The most important or critical areas that need work can then be prioritized and worked on over the course of the year. 

     The really good news is that all of the companies over the years that have used this tool and scored at least 90% overall were successful companies. Well run and highly profitable. Every single one. 

      So, do you want to be successful and profitable? Just use this tool, get your score over 90% and you have it. A proven recipe for success. 

     Click on the links below to get this tool and have the appropriate people fill it out at least once a year. Keep at it until your scores are terrific, and your company will be too! 

Business Review for Movers  Use this version for moving and storage companies

Business Review for all others   Use this version for general business

Tracy Bech