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To get the full benefit of 60 Minute CFO, download the following Microsoft Excel Templates.


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Download the following Excel Spreadsheets to fast track your mastery of the financial statements.

Business Mastery - Sample Data

Business Mastery - Blank

** Looking for moving and storage industry workbooks? Scroll down.**

Once you have downloaded, save and get started with these 5 easy steps:

  1. Gather 4 years of Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet financial statements. If you don't have 4 years, gather as many as you can.

  2. Follow the instructions on the tabs as you go. Fill in information for the past.

  3. Make assumptions and projections about the future. POTENTIAL ROADBLOCK - don't stop here. Do the best you can so that you can understand how this spreadsheet works. You will be able to change these projections at any point. 

  4. Work through each tab, following the instructions. If you get stuck, consider purchasing the accompanying book for sale on this website.

  5. Congrats! You now have a formalized process for forecasting and analyzing your cash flow and ratios. These are key signals of your business' future!

We offer One Time Set Up and Monthly Interpretation packages to make sure you have your company set up correctly.

Other helpful workbooks:

Business Review - Use this workbook to conduct an operational review of your business

Business Break-even - Use this workbook to calculate the break-even sales level of your business

Business Equipment - Use this workbook to determine the feasibility of purchasing fixed assets

Moving & Storage Specific Templates (.zip file) - Download 8 essential Excel workbooks specific to the moving and storage industry. Included are: Business Mastery, Business Mastery Sample, Business Review, Business Break-even, Business Equipment, Job Cost Analysis, Job Cost Analysis Sample and Income Statement Analysis.