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The Situation: Vistage Members share best practices and learn from each other tools and techniques to consistently outperform the competition

The Challenge: Members have a variety of businesses that make it difficult to share and analyze financial information.

The Solution: The book 60 Minute CFO plus Business Mastery analysis and forecasting software gets everyone on the same page so that financials can be discussed and analyzed efficiently, accurately and easily.

Our Offer to You: 10 FREE books to share with 10 Vistage leaders, or the members of your Vistage group. Download the free software to complete the package and enhance analysis.

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What CEOs and group leaders say:

"Our CEO group reviews books every month and they felt that 60 Minute CFO was the best yet! A great book that describes business finance in plain English. Five stars!" - Rob Kosberg, CEO Best Seller Publishing

"This is a great book! When the CEO and leadership team understand the numbers and what they mean, they have a decided advantage. Duryee’s book is perfect for this." - John M. Colosimo, Executive Coach and former TEC Group moderator

"Dave Duryee offers a clear, concise, and bottom-line focused book that is bound to have a very positive impact on how companies manage their businesses." - Bill Williams, former CEO of TEC, reviewing a preceding book

“The combination of the 60 Minute CFO book and the Business Mastery software is awesome and has provided both me and my banker with exactly what we need to know. I use it monthly to track cash flow, and actual results versus the forecast and our management team would be lost without it!” - Sabrina Jones, Founder, and CEO, Movher, Inc.


Download the FREE software to complete the package.